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Rules and standards

SITNA policy

SITNA understands that the use of common rules and standards to spread and distribute geographic information must be a key element within its work.

In this way, SITNA follows a policy of adopting rules and standards as they appear in order to facilitate inter-operability between datasets and systems as well as coherence with the initiatives in which it takes part both nationally and internationally.

ISO Standards

The standards drawn up by the 211 Technical Committee at ISO (ISO TC 211) for Geographic Information are in charge of standardising information related to objects or phenomena that are directly or indirectly associated with a location on the Earth. These standards provide a work environment to develop applications using geographic data. SITNA follows different ISO geographic standards in several aspects such as creating metadata (ISO 19115, ISO 19139).

OGC Standards

The Open Geospatial Consortium is an international consortium of companies, governmental agencies and universities that work to agree on standards in matters relating to geospatial services.

Their specifications are constantly growing and are freely distributed in order to make the spatial data and services based on them more accessible and useful for all types of applications. The best well-known include:

IDEE recommendations

Within the framework of the IDEE (SDI for Spain), a series of recommendations have been made to give greater uniformity to the developments of the different IDE initiatives and facilitate their inter-operability.



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