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Mobile devices

IDENA maps, also on your mobile phone or tablet

The IDENA map viewer can also be used via smartphone or tablet browser facilitating the possibility to use the SITNA geographical information on the field.

Consumed from a mobile device, the application interface adapts itself looking for a better user experience. Buttons and panels fit to facilitate the use of the application using small size touch screens.

It is intended that the application can be used on the field as an auxiliary and support tool. For this reason, the typical funcionalities of a GIS Viewer are extended with some features that enhance its use in this context, including:

  • The position of the user on a Cartography from a GPS device.
  • Query on the field of available (on-line and off-line) thematic or reference geographical information.
  • Recording of tracks and waypoints carried out in the field.
  • Routes query and display.


Possibility of online and offline working

By default, the application is loaded in on-line mode and works with information offered by IDENA (WMS and WFS) services from the available layers menu but you can also access to any other WMS data source.

In the case that the application is going to be used in a location in which it is suspected there is no coverage or, simply, when it is not desired a mobile data consumption, it exists the possibility to select an area and download the orthophoto, base map, or both of them to your mobile device in order to be consumed in offline mode. To download this information, it is necessary to have connection at that moment and enough storage space in the device.



The application provides the ability to load routes on the map but also allows to generate them. Selecting the tracking option, the device's GPS position is recorded generating a track in which you can also add waypoints. These tracks can be later consulted on the same map or exported to other formats (GPX and KML). The tool provides utilities for interactively query the information of each point as well as the elevation profile of the route.


Summary of the main features

  • Access through a browser that supports HTML5, additional installation it is not required.
  • Multiplatform (Windows, Android, IOS).
  • Ability to work in online or offline mode.
  • Navigation and GPS positioning on the map.
  • Base map selecction.
  • Add other layers of information (WMS).
  • Information query on charged layers.
  • Access to layers legend.
  • Search for places, cadastral references and coordinates.
  • Access to Street view.
  • Share maps (e-mail, facebook, twitter).
  • Measurement tools.
  • Print.
  • Routes creation and query.
  • Help.


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