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GPX routes

SITNA offers in the Geoportal Viewer of Navarra (https://sitna.navarra.es/navegar) various tools for GPS tracks’ import and exportation. This new functionality, oriented for users of this kind of devices allows: 

Importing GPX files in the map

Imported track

This option is available at the Searches\By GPX track (GPX) Menu.

Allows users to display the tracks, waypoints and tracks’ cross sections upon the maps available in the Web. For every uploaded track, a table of attributes including the name of the track, real distance (3D), minimum and maximum altitude of the route and the accumulated height difference is shown.


Exporting digitized items into GPX and KML formats

KML format exported track

This option is available each time a route is drawn with the GPS tool of the viewer. It offers the possibility of downloading the drawing in a GPX format (so it may be loaded in a GPS device) and KML (so it may be displayed in Google Earth or any GIS software). This option is shown everytime the GPS tool of the viewer is used to draw a track.

Results of the download include elevation data extracted from a 5 meter resolution Digital Elevation Model.


Post GPX in the Web upon SITNA’s cartographic backgrounds

URL link and HTML to embed

This tool allows to post in the Web the visualization of GPS tracks upon SITNA information. Whithin the Searches\By GPS track (GPX) Menu not only a GPX file from user’s hard disk can be selected, but also the public Web address (URL) of a GPX file may be inserted.

As a result of the above mentioned, and only for the GPX coming from URLs, an icon with chains will appear by the name of the track or by each waypoint of the track. By pressing this icon the user will get both the address that links to the SITNA viewer with the GPX loaded and the HTML code to embed the viewer (showing the route) in any Web by means of SITNA's iframe capabilities.


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