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Navarre: IDENA

Spatial Data Infrastructure of Navarre

Spatial Data Infrastructure of Navarre

IDENA is a fundamental milestone in the history of SITNA. It represents the Government of Navarra's clear intentions for SITNA to incorporate the requirements defined by the INSPIRE Directive aiming to establish a European Spatial Data Infrastructure.

Not only does it represent Navarra's full acceptance of INSPIRE's principles, but it also shows an opening up of the System to anyone else, by using services that meet certain specifications and rules shared with the whole geographic community.
Interoperability, metadata, downloads, standardization,… are just some of IDENA’s paradigms.

IDENA fulfills the characteristics of a SDI and offers the following services: data display through the web and optional data queries, searches and tracking of data collections and services through their metadata; and download of parts or the whole of data.

Government of Navarre

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