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Who makes SITNA?

SITNA is a corporate system and both producers and users of Navarra's territorial information participate in its development.

Technicians from the Departments of the Government of Navarra, local institutions such as the Pamplona City Council or Pamplona District and different Public Companies from Navarra have been forming a human group with enough experience both in their specific fields of work and in the information exchange procedures.

The Government of Navarra has entrusted the public company TRACASA with SITNA's technological development and the business boost that must be derived from its evolution.

SITNA's users also play a key role. With more than 20 million requests every year, SITNA websites already have a recognised prestige and national and international acceptance and, on a daily basis, they are an obligatory reference point for a whole host of people, professionals, students and all types of entities.

The suggestions and comments from our users help us to improve and to build stronger and more efficient tools day by day.

Government of Navarre

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