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INSPIRE (Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe), is a European Union Directive that aims to create a spatial information infrastructure in Europe.

After a long preparation period, Directive 2007/2 CE from the Parliament and the Council dated 14th March 2007 was published in the Official European Union Gazette on 25th April 2007 and became effective on 15th May of the same year. From then on, the Member States had two years to adapt their respective legislations and administrative procedures.

This initiative emerges with the idea of overcoming significant difficulties that still exist with existing sources of spatial information that do not permit effective formulation, implantation and monitoring of territorial community policies. To achieve this, it relies on a series of standards, protocols, policies and organisational aspects.

In short, INSPIRE aims to improve the quality, assure maintenance of the geographic information and make it accessible for everyone.

SITNA is participating enthusiastically in the development and construction of INSPIRE. More exactly, to get a more active role in decision making, SITNA is registered as an SDIC(Spatial Data Interest Community).

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